Plan F: $199.99

4 Whole Chicken

4 lbs. Chicken Wings

8 lbs. Chicken Leg & Thigh

3lbs. Ground Beef

3lbs. Ground Chicken or Turkey

3lbs. Beef Short Ribs

1lb. Goat or Lamb Chops

3lbs. Beef Stew

4 Boneless Steaks

4 Steak with Bone

3 lbs. Oxtail

3 lbs. Cold Cut (Choice)

1lb. Cheese (Choice)

1 pack of Smokey Turkey Sausage

2 Packs of Breakfast Beef, Chicken or Turkey Sausage

2 Dozen Eggs

1 Bottle of Steak Sauce

1 Pack of Seasoned Chicken Kabob